1. Put your phone away before getting into bed each night.

2. Drink water as soon as you wake up each morning.

3. Exercise more patience with your children.

4. Practice mindfulness.

5. Tell your children how special they are to you every day.

6. Save 10% of your income (if you can).

7. Read at least one book per month.

8. Do a 30-day challenge.

9. Move your body, and often.

10. Cook more meals at home.

11. Donate clothes and home goods you no longer use. (Side note: please research the companies you donate to. Some may be for-profit or their visions and values may not align with your own.)

12. Go to bed early…

13. …and wake up the first time your alarm goes off.

14. Find a pen pal that you can send handwritten letters and little gifts to.

15. Show gratitude daily.

16. Give up straws! (Click here for more information on the Be Straw Free Campaign from the National Park Service)

17. Invest in a Young Living starter kit to transition to a chemical free household.

18. Start a recipe box…

19. …and hand-write your recipe cards.

20. End toxic relationships.

21. Stop criticizing others.

22. Say “I’m sorry” less…

23. …and “thank you” more.

24. Have more sex!

25. Finish your to-do lists.

26. Start your own business! (I can help you with this one.)

27. Acknowledge your emotions and take care of your mental health.

28. Get organized and stay organized!

29. Do your spring cleaning in January – everyone knows a clean house is easier to keep clean!

30. Discover new music!

31. Break a bad habit.

32. Admit when you’re wrong.

33. Start a blog!

34. Drink less alcohol,

35. but really enjoy that beer when you have it.

36. Do something to reduce your carbon footprint every day. 🌿

37. Live within your means.

38. Remember it’s okay to say “no” without needing to feel bad about it.

39. Stop comparing yourself to others.

40. Have a good cry every once in a while.

41. Chip away at debt!

42. (If you’re a smoker): QUIT SMOKING. It’s gross.

43. Go on more dates with your person.

44. Make playlists for special occasions.

45. Be nice.

46. LAUGH!

47. Pick a word that is important to you and really live by it.

48. Appreciate the value of a good, deep breath.

49. Learn to forgive yourself.

50. Delete one social media account this year.

51. Do squats!

52. Do a social media cleanse (I do this more often than I probably should 😂)

53. Stop drinking soda!

54. Make your bed.

55. Encourage your friends to reach their goals.

56. Finish what you start.

57. Put your phone away during meals with others.

58. Shop locally and support small businesses.

59. Recycle as often as possible.

60. Be more genuine.

61. Buy yourself a nice planner and use it.


64. …and take care of your skin in general. (I have a good friend that can help you with this, check out her page here.)

65. Reduce your sugar intake.

66. Read the books before seeing the movies.

67. Become an informed consumer.

68. Keep up on your laundry!

69. Stretch.

70. Take a picture every day and make a 365-page photo journal at the end of the year.

71. Treat yo self!

72. Spend time outside every day.

73. Clean out your inbox…

74. … or start fresh with a new e-mail address.

75. Go to the farmer’s market every weekend.

76. Organize your junk drawer.

77. Cancel a subscription.

78. Eat your greens!

79. Do something BIG to improve your self-esteem.

80. Know your worth.

81. Be flexible with your goals.

82. Spend time creating something,

83. and be proud of your creation!

84. Get a house plant.

85. Take a spontaneous day trip.

86. Get your hair trimmed!

87. Take a class with a good friend.

88. Go paperless.

89. Host a dinner party for your friends.

90. Learn how to cope with stress and anxiety.

91. Make a weekly chore schedule to follow, and hang it up where you will see it often!

92. Downsize your physical possessions.

93. Write down step-by-step plans on how you’re going to smash your goals.

94. Start each day with positive affirmations.

95. Watch live music.

96. Pet dogs. Lots of them.

97. Update your wardrobe.

98. But more foods without barcodes.

99. Find enjoyment in each day.

100. Re-evaluate your goals often – New Year’s Resolutions aren’t absolute.

101. Reflect on 2017 and finish out the year with a strong and positive mindset for 2018.

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