January is such a special month. It’s a time to commit to personal growth, and what better way to better yourself than by taking care of your body?

As many as 80% of gym memberships go unused… This could be for a number of reasons: lack of motivation, not seeing instant results, aches and pains that make it difficult to work out, laziness…

Whatever the case may be for underutilization, remember that you made a commitment and purchased that membership for a reason. Don’t let any of those excuses just mentioned hold you back, and don’t let your money go down the drain.

Young Living has so many ways to help you achieve and maintain your fitness and wellness goals.

For example, this essential oil blend called “Fitness” is specially formulated to energize you and inspire you to reach your fitness goals.

For just $22.50 at wholesale price, that makes this oil 26 cents per drop (there are 85 drops in this 5mL bottle). Swap your pre-workout for this and save yourself some serious money.

Or how about this Deep Relief roller? This is a great tool to toss in your gym back for use after a hard workout. This blend contains essential oils that provide a cooling and invigorating sensation. Ask me how to snag this one for $26.75 at wholesale value.

Any purchase you make as a wholesale member can be used in your Essential Rewards. You can stock up on these oils in your ER order and get up to $170 in free products back, just for placing that order you were going to anyway!

Comment below for more information on how to become a Young Living Independent Distributor and how to take advantage of these amazing rewards!

I’m also giving $25 back to anyone who purchases a premium starter kit with me for a limited time!

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