Hey friends!  First of all, let me start by saying how much I have missed writing blog posts the past month.  I had an unfortunate mishap involving a glass of water and my MacBook and it took a while to get it back in working condition!  Thankfully my dad is as handy as he is, and he was able to fix it for a whopping $6… much better than the $1,000 the local Apple repair shop quoted me (insert eye-rolling emoji here).

In addition to putting myself on accidental hiatus, I also moved… like across the globe. No seriously, Jacob (the boyfriend… I actually don’t know if I’ve said his name or introduced him on my blog, but I assure you he exists), Nora and I drove 3,325 miles to our new home.  We drove from Billings to Portland to visit some friends for a few days, but unfortunately ALL of us ended up with the flu and we spent our days on one huge bed we made on the floor watching a ton of our friends’ VHS tapes and taking naps.  I’m a big fan of breweries, so even though everyone felt crappy, we did leave the house to grab a couple beers and a burger at Ecliptic Brewing, but other than that and grabbing pizza from Costco and visiting a dispensary, that was all we saw of Portland.

B7D4BDB7-436A-4F00-B6EC-73F49E738677The drive through Canada was so beautiful and I’m thankful I can say I made that trip in my life, but driving thousands of miles in a couple of days isn’t my cup of tea and I won’t be planning to do that again anytime soon.  We ended up in a town called Dease Lake in British Columbia, and we happened to arrive 45 minutes after the only gas station in town had closed…  We had planned not to stay at any hotels and just get the drive done, but we had 12 hours to kill before the gas station opened so we took a much-needed rest in a hotel across the street.  We were bummed we got put 12 hours off track, but it ended up working out in our favor because the next gas station was three hours away and would also be closed until the next day.IMG_3370We got to Anchorage on Monday the 19th after spending a day with my sister at her house out of town.  She made breakfast and dinner for us and we relaxed and hung out for a day.  I missed her cooking so much and it still feels surreal that I can drive an hour to her house and be sipping on coffee in the mountains…

Alaska still doesn’t feel like home; I keep saying I’m waiting for it to stop feeling like I’m on vacation and that I actually live here.  The stay-at-home mom lifestyle hasn’t quite caught up with me yet and I constantly feel like I have somewhere to be.  Some days I struggle with not going to work, but I feel very lucky to be able to stay at home with my two girls and play bonus mom to three kiddos.  I am still very much involved with my Young Living business and always make time to answer questions and continue my own research on essential oils.

In the past month, I’ve left my home of 25 years, visited another country for the first time in my life, met lots of internet friends, put 5,000 miles on my Jeep, moved my family and my business across the globe and put myself completely outside of my comfort zone.  Montana Mom Blog is officially Alaska Mom Blog (working on changing the domain name now…)!

As always, thank you for reading, and I look forward to creating future content!


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